Cutting Survey

Cutting Survey




Label yourself (prep, goth, druggie, weirdo, etc)

Outgoing, weirdo, myself.

How long have you been cutting?

Two years.

Favorite tool?


Where (place) do you cut (school, home, etc.)?


Do you have to wear long-sleeves & long-pants all the time?


Do you cut on your stomach, or chest?


Are your legs, arms, & other body parts covered in scars?

Just my left arm.

What’s your favourite excuse to use when someone asks about a cut?

It’s nothing.

Have you ever been hospitalized because of your cutting?

Yes, once. I wasn’t even bleeding. I sat in the hospital room for hours, cause my mom though I needed help.

When was the last time you cut?

It’s gonna be a year in March.

Off the top of your head, about how many scars do you have?

10 or more.

Do you have (diagnosed) depression, and/or bipolar/bpd?

Generalized anxiety.

Who knows you cut?

Mom, counselor, friends, some teachers, random people at school. I don’t hide my scars anymore.

Have you ever been caught cutting?


Have your parents ever confronted you about a bloody sleeve, or towel?


Did you have a good childhood?


Why do you cut?

I felt numb, and wanted to feel something. I just got addicted after that.

Have you ever talked to a therapist or counselor?


Do you want to stop cutting (but can’t because of addiction)?

I have stopped.

Do you like cutting?

Yes, I like it very much.

How many times have you tried to commit suicide?


What are your views on cutting, and other self-injury?

Do what you gotta do to make the pain go away.

Do you like watching movies with self-injury?

No. I feel sick.

Do you like looking at photos of self-injury?

Yes. Makes me feel better about my cuts.

Do you sometimes envy other people (non-self-injurers)?

Yes, because they don’t have scars, and I do.

Have you ever taken any pictures of your cuts/scars?


Do you want to die?


Have you ever done a school assignment on cutting, or self-injury?


What do you like to listen to while cutting/depression/etc.?


My type of music (alternative rock, death metal)

Rap, rock, hip hop.

Have you ever needed stitches from cutting?


Do you dream about cutting?


What do you use to bandage your cuts?

I don’t. They’re healed.